Q&A: Getting Twitter Content into FlipBoard (the EASY way!)

Q: So I see a tweet of an article, and read the article in Twitter. How do I put it in FlipBoard directly? I have been going out on the internet and finding the article again to Flip.

A: FlipBoard makes this very easy, once you understand the step sequence. You can COPY content (text, links, photos, etc.) and go directly into FlipBoard and paste it into a personal magazine.

Here is my FlipBoard account:

Two frequently “Flipped” items from Twitter are a tweet that contains only text (a quote, for instance) and tweets that contain web links (a link to separate content — article, images, etc.). We will review both examples here.

Flipping a Text Tweet

1. Identify tweet (a quote here)

2. Press and hold Tweet until the shortcut menu appears; select “Copy link to Tweet”

3. Once link is in memory, double-click iPhone Home button to access multi-tasking mode and select the FlipBoard app

4. Once Flipboard opens up, a menu will briefly appear (“You copied a link. Tap here to save it into a magazine”. TAP this menu (QUICKLY, IT DISAPPEARS PRETTY QUICKLY) and choose a magazine.

5. Select your desired FlipBoard magazine and then tap “Add”

6. A notification will appear letting you know the “Flip” was successful. Then open the Magazine and you will see the item posted in the magazine (shortly, if not immediately…)

Flipping a Tweet with a Website Link

1. Identify tweet (interested in weblink here)

2. Press and hold THE LINK within the tweet until a shortcut menu appears; select “Copy link” (NOTE — you can copy entire tweet, same as described above and the link will go with it).

3–6. These steps are exactly the same as described above. Here is the “flipped” article as seen in the magazine.

That’s it! Good luck Flipping. Master this and it will definitely make your FlipBoard “flipping” life significantly easier!

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