Gmail User? These Tips Will Save You!

Gmail Image Credit —

I live in #Gmail and grabbed a few tips out of these infographics that will save me tons of time!

If these are new to you — and a few were to me — reviewing these graphics will be time well spent!

1–Gmail Tricks — 4 Inbox Hacks

2 — Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

This infographic lists A LOT of shortcuts.

My tip? Pick 2–3 that will benefit you immediately and start using them! Once you are comfortable, pick 2–3 more! Repeat.


The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet —

Here are 5 I use repeatedly (to get you started?). NOTE — I show letters as uppercase, but case does not matter:

  • “C” — Compose a new message
  • “Shift + C” — Compose a new message in a separate window
  • “/” — Puts the cursor in the Gmail search box
  • “G + L” — Pre-populates search box with “label:” search syntax
  • “G + I” — Returns to Inbox view

I hope these ideas and shortcuts get you started on Gmail productivity improvements! I know they will for me.

What shortcuts or Gmail tips are your favorites?

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