I Didn’t Show Up…

And Gary Vaynerchuk Called Me Out. He Was Right.

Photo credit: Bill Tomoff

Got Called Out by Gary Vaynerchuk — Deserved it!

My brother, Bill, attended the event (Competitor Business Conference Q&A) and had Gary record this clip. Yes, Bill did show up…

“80% of success is showing up” — Woody Allen

“ And some people merely show up. Not needing anything, not in anticipation of needing something, but merely because they can.” — Seth Godin

Chris Matthews 2014 commencement speech at The Ohio State University is one of my favorites. The message — you have to “show up”!

Chris drives the point home in the clip below:

Chris Matthews commencement speech clip — http://bit.ly/2xLfd1P

The message is everywhere and I believe I embrace it. Well, I failed to show up.

So, this led me to consider whether I am truly “showing up” the way I want to in my daily professional environment?

  • Am I delivering unexpected value to my clients in every interaction?
  • Am I engaging my network on social platforms to the level I want?
  • Am I truly aware of the tools and technologies to the degree I need to be for my consulting projects? Is my knowledge and skill set keeping up?
  • Am I on the right side of the 51 / 49 equation — always providing more value than I receive? (one of my favorite Gary Vee beliefs…)
Gary Vaynerchuk Patience is Power, 51 / 49 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwQpUbOqdAM

The bottom line? I am going to challenge myself more to get better…everyday!

Ask yourself — are you showing up?

And, speaking of showing up… College Gameday is airing from Penn State University on October 21, 2017.

My son, Alex, is a senior meteorology major at Penn State, so I have the opportunity to visit and be a part of the Penn State vs Michigan atmosphere this weekend.

What am I going to do?

I’m showing up!

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