Mobile — Does Open As App Deliver As Advertised?

“Turns boring business data into a mobile app instantly”
“Businesses can simply upload their Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs/Sheets, and the Open As App technology automatically creates an app across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and web, via an Open As App container app.”

The promise that I can turn my boring spreadsheet data into a mobile app instantly? That headline caught my attention!

I immediately decided to give it a trial run under the free plan. My quick and dirty assessment? It works — and I will definitely be investing some more time into this!

The Process

As promised, it is relatively painless — and quick — to make this happen.

I have a Google Spreadsheet that lists all of my Medium posts (it populates automatically through an IFTTT applet). I am going to turn that Google list into a mobile app for my iPhone…

So, I went to the homepage and set up an account.

Open As App home page
The webpage dashboard view

Hover over the left menu-bar icons and a floating menu pops out. Select the + App Creator item.

Open As App Webpage floating menu descriptions

On this next screen, you choose your data source — either a local Excel on your computer or a cloud service account (Dropbox, Web URL , Google Drive, or Microsoft files).

In my test, I used Google Spreadsheet file — it was seamless to locate it and load it in. Here is what happens then (no screenshots for this).

  • It “looks” at the data and determines it is a LIST and uses the list template.
  • You click next and it converts it to an “app” and gives you a preview (it was fine).
  • I click on Publish, name the mobile app, provide a description and I am done.
Open As App Webpage — choose you data and convert to app

Now, over to the mobile app. Download and install the Open As App on your device (iPhone in my case).

Open As App on the iPhone → Open My Apps

Open the app and access menu — if needed.

My app on the iphone — refresh for new updates, if any, to Google Sheet
Open As App Search and Filtering — handy feature!

Tap line item, item is displayed full page — then simply tap link to access content!

Content opens right within Open As App


A simple example of converting a Google spreadsheet list to a mobile app. Granted, it’s a simple example. Amazingly, it was easy to do and was intuitive to figure out!

Open As App will certainly get more of my time in the future. The possibilities are compelling!

Are you going to look into this? Would it be useful to you?

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