State of io.js

Installing Node and IO in a Sane Way

There is a lot of hype about IO.js right now and I think it is a great initiative. That said, most of us reading this article and interested in IO.js have full time jobs, most likely as some form of developer, and would like to install IO on a machine that we potentially use for work and most likely have Node already installed on. I am a huge fan of NVM and can’t tell you how many times I have worked with co-workers and friends to completely uninstall Node from their machine and re-install with NVM. I’m hesitant to install IO on a machine with out some sort of version manager/isolated environment and the only information on side by side install of Node and IO I’ve found is here. In my opinion without a more sane way of installation and version management for IO, all the articles in the world on the “hipsterness” of this project aren’t doing anything towards making it easy to use for those of us already entrenched in Node projects requiring specific versions.

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