Thanks for the great write up.
David Fox Powell

matt krick at my work we have our own private NPM and I generally keep our modules in es6 without pre-compilation and use the `exclude` regex to compile the proper modules. With the fix in `2.0.5-beta` this seems to not take too long. I find this easier for debugging as well as I wanted to avoid lots of extra babel runtime potentially being injected into modules. I see that you are pre-compiling some modules like Joi and then using the `prefetchPlugin`.

I’m wondering if you could explain the `prefetchPlugin` a little more, and how you determine which modules to prefetch. I’m assuming it comes from Webpack’s analysis tool, but would be interested to here your thoughts as there doesn’t seem to be much good info on this plugin as per usual Webpack documentation.

PS. what’s up with Joi, etc in your transpile shell script. Are these modules shipping es6 code and just assuming you’re using it on the server with Node 4/5? We’re using Joi right now but in the process of swapping it out because of the moment dependency. I’m kind of horrified to see that we might be using something that is not getting transpiled.,

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