I spent 3 months applying to jobs after a coding bootcamp. Here’s what I learned.
Felix Feng

One thing this article fails to touch on is that when you get out of a bootcamp, or a CS degree for that matter, you are most likely a “junior developer”. This is not because you aren’t smart or didn’t have a great education but it is because you lack real world experience. Memorizing all the algorithms in the world won’t change this. Why the disdain for taking a job at $60k as a junior developer and working your way up? Many college graduates in various majors pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education and what do they get after graduating…an unpaid internship. It’s a bit arrogant to think that as developers just because we can game an antiquated interview process that values white boarding over real world knowledge, we should then demand a title beyond our level.

I find it strange that this article is in freeCodeCamp, which seems to value hands on experience over the quick fix approach. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with being junior, you should embrace it, and 6 months or a year later your hard work and sacrifice will pay off with an increased title and higher salary.