Minimalist landscape photography

I’ve been taking landscape images for a while but I’ve always felt that my landscapes are missing something. Although they are aesthetically pleasing, in a picture postcard kind of way, they don’t feel very personal. I don’t really see my personality in my landscapes.

I spent this week working with the hugely talented David Nightingale of Chromasia. We went shooting together in Blackpool and he gave me a raft of insights into my landscape photography. The images in this story show the results of this week’s practice.

I wanted to focus on taking and post-processing long exposure images which, as it turned out, was a good idea (despite the weather in Blackpool).

Best of all, David helped me find my landscape ‘voice’: simple and minimalist, graphic images with a clear subject.

In the future, this will help me choose the right subjects for my landscapes.

Printed out, I think these images look stunning. (Even if my harshest critic, my wife, describes these as ‘the kind of relaxing images you get in a spa’).

I used the same post-processing technique on an image I took earlier in the year which meets the right criteria. I’m pleased with the result.

I still think I have a long way to go — these are my first attempts at creating images in this style. But it feels like a huge step forward.

If, like me, you want to get over a hump in your photography, you should contact David Nightingale for 1–2–1 training.

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