Resisting the PEEOTUS Joke (Oops, I Failed Already)

So, the President Elect is into Golden Showers? That’s cool.

What’s not cool? The President Elect’s lying, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, racist, anti-American message.

If the report is to be believed (which, for the record both PEOTUS and Russia claim it’s fake, which in my totally biased opinion, means it’s true) our President Elect engaged in some non-customary sexual behaviors in Russia.

According to the report, due to his hatred for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, he stayed in the same room as the two of them in a hotel in Russia and paid prostitutes to urinate on the bed in which they slept.

The reason he did it is disgusting and deplorable and so, totally in character.

The actual act? No big deal.

Maybe PEOTUS enjoys watersports. Maybe he enjoys sleeping with prostitutes. Maybe he and his wife have some kind of agreement about that. Maybe he enjoys sexual humiliation with willing, consenting adults.

All that is ok. All kinds of people are into those things. People you know. People you love. PEOTUS’ sexual proclivities aren’t what make him a bad person. (Well, the consensual ones aren’t…his proclivities toward sexual abuse and assault, that’s not ok.)

There is a lot to be angry about when it comes to PEOTUS. Him being into a little kink is not on that list. Don’t use this to demonize him.

Demonize him for continually lying to the American people who elected him. Demonize him for claiming he sexually assaults women and then denying it. Demonize him for a racist witch hunt against President Obama over many years. Demonize him for his racist belief that all Muslims are dangerous. Demonize him for any of the other truly awful things he has done in the past.

Don’t let the juicy details distract you from what is actually important.