Daniel Tunkelang
Oct 16, 2019 · 1 min read

You already see it on Amazon. Do a search for “matrix”: not only do you only see Keanu Reeves movie results on the first page, but the left rail focuses on movies (~1,000 results) and beauty & personal care (~2,000 results) in that order. In fact, they hide the Kindle store category, which has about 5,000 results.

It’s a nice example of an ambiguous query, since matrix could mean the movie franchise, the hair product company, or the technical term from math and various scientific disciplines.

Amazon clearly prioritizes both results and refinements based on demand, not supply. That is putting intent before inventory.

I agree that measuring demand isn’t that simple. You certainly need to think about feedback loops, filter bubbles, and personalization. But it’s the right mindset, as opposed to basing the experience on supply.

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