Influence on Personal Human Life: 1. Introduction (JF)

Throughout our recent posts, we have already explored the impact Digital Voice Assistants have on the Society, Economy, Politics, Businesses and Ethics. Nevertheless, we are probably still missing the assessment of the influence this modern digital technology has had on the most important dimension of the world: ourselves.

Ever since, technology has dramatically changed human daily life. Human control over the natural force of fire has not only changed our food but allowed human beings to survive in the cold and the dark, the invention of the wheel has revolutionized transportation and mobility, and just recently the internet turned interpersonal communication upside down.

Siri’s try to answer the question if and how she has changed human life.

Although Siri personally affirms that she has changed human life, she avoids to specify her impact and thus leaves us alone to assess her impact.

So what is the influence Digital Voice Assistants have on ourselves? Do they actually change our life? Have they probably increased the distance between human beings and the real world? Do they force us to escape into a virtual relationship between us and them? Have they changed our interaction with other human beings? Or do they only provide us with another useful digital tool?

Let’s discuss those and other questions throughout the next paragraphs and continue our journey with an exploration on how Digital Voice Assistants have changed our personality, habits and way of thinking.