Influence on Personal Human Life: 4. Conclusion (JF)

“The truth lies somewhere in the middle” — Aristoteles

Obviously, we are unable to predict the future, still both scenarios described before represent two possible outcomes of the recent technological developments. Generally, we can assume the influence of computers on our personal lives to increase even further in the future. Still, it remains in doubt whether the virtual assistants will truly revolutionize our relationship with computers or whether they only augment our digital experience as a smart input tool.

We will see how this technology will develop over the next years. Most probably, virtual voice assistants will expand its role of being a smart computer interaction tool over the next years. As a next step, it will be interesting to follow the developments and technological advances of artificial intelligence. Whether virtual voice assistants will actually emerge from their status of being just a common technological feature to become a “citizen” of our modern planet will be seen in the future.

Overall, we are happy to finish our brief analysis with the words of Aristoteles, who found already long before the existence of computers and virtual assistants that the “truth lies somewhere in the middle” — in this case somewhere in between virtual assistants enhancing or revolutionizing our personal human life.