All These Black Characters and 0 Done Right — How Steven Universe Fails Its Black Fanbase, Part I.

Riley H
Riley H
Aug 5, 2016 · 15 min read

The Business End

Wanna Discuss This Essay With Me? Know This.

So What’s the Deal With This Essay?

Garnet’s Early Role

Did you know Black women have been put in literal museums as exhibits for their *~strangely~* wide hips and large butts?

Fusion Loves A Good Stereotype

The feminine partner is the one that gets dipped in essentially all forms of dancing common in US culture.
Less obvious here, but Amethyst is still taking on a male dancing role that focuses on Pearl’s femininity.

Sugilite — All the Worst Ideas about Black Women wrapped in a “Ghetto” Package

Oh yeah, no awkward statements about Black women here!
Sugilite, a merging of two Black girls who become “insane” and “violent” and “angry” and need to be subdued by Pearl.

Sardonyx — How Do You Improve a Ghetto Black Girl? Add white.

Whose Femininity is Recognized? The Fusion Dance

Look at Garnet manhandle the delicate, dainty flower Pearl! Garnet’s style is literally pink, purple and hyperfemme, but no Black girl escapes the draw of playing man to inherently hyperfemme Pearl.
Black queer femininity only exists as long as there’s a woman bigger, manlier and Blacker to make it look good.
Black queer women can be feminine if attracting a man is involved, yay, being an object!
Just remember, Black women, you are always the man for white women!

“Smash is the word one would use to describe what…someone else might do.”

That Time the Narrative Forgot Pearl Used Garnet as a Sexual Comfort Toy

Riley H

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Riley H

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