2018 Progress

Two-thirds of 2018 just passed.

New releases, partnerships, and features.

Can you believe that we are already at the “beginning of the end” of 2018?

It’s been a crazy year for technology, especially blockchain!

But one statement about this year rings a bell with almost everyone we have talked to in our community:

The bear market has been difficult for us all.

This is true for every crypto project as far as we can tell.

When things get rough there are two choices:

  • A) Get to work, or…
  • B) Whine and wish the situation was different.

For us, B is never really an option.

New releases: Dynamic 2.3 and Sequence 1.2

In the last update, we’ve gone in-depth about our new wallet releases. You can read more about it here.

These releases focus on network performance and optimization of processes, bug corrections as well as a much-requested option: The New Mining Tab

Now it’s easier to monitor the used threads, miner and network hashrates without having to resort to the command line.

Next on our roadmap: Partnership announcement

We’ve put our latest roadmap on our website so everyone can get up to speed on the coming developments for Duality.

One of these developments is an important partnership we’ve been forging behind the scenes. While we cannot say much until both our legal and operation teams have given us the green light, this step would bring a real use case for Blockchain-as-a-Service using our chains.

Stay tuned for September 24th!

Featured on Coindesk: “The Fight Over Masternodes”

One community member spotted Dynamic entering (and obviously crushing!) this list put together by Coindesk

The bottom line?

Dynamic offers high annual return and (still) cheap Dynodes.

What are you waiting for?

Work, Work, Work

Want to know how we can be so sure that this project is still undervalued?

Join us on Discord and you’ll notice one thing for sure: our #github channel never sleeps. It displays notifications around the clock of our dedicated developers pushing commits, smashing bugs and testing new features (BDAP, anyone?).

Somewhere on the net, we read that if you wanted to judge which projects are undervalued, you should compare total market capitalization to GitHub commits.

Dynamic’s GitHub is well over 15,000 commits!

What do you make of that?

(For comparison, you can check this webpage that tracks GitHub commits by crypto-project. While it doesn’t count Dynamic or Sequence yet, we’ve contacted them and requested that they add us.)

The Future Ahead

As we stated earlier: Bear or bull market, we don’t care. We are still working hard, and we have big plans for the rest of 2018 and 2019. As always, we’d love for you to become involved in our Discord community and join our Telegram group. We still have open spots for people willing to help and contribute to the project.

You can also check our Twitter for the latest updates.

Stay tuned, everyone.

Duality Team