Duality Winter 2018 Update


With the end of 2018 fast approaching, Duality has been working to ensure we hit the road running come 2019 with a whole host of developments and improvements we’re excited to share with you.

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Amir Abrams and Spencer Lievens have been hard at work on the core wallets, and in 2019 they will bring a whole suite of new BaaS products to fruition, starting with our proprietary protocol BDAP℠ (Blockchain Directory Access Protocol); providing other developers the foundations to build expansive, complex and decentralized applications such as PShare (PrivateShare), which will be the first application of its kind provided by Duality.

BDAP is an adaptation of the existing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) that will allow users to grant or deny access permission rights to other users for objects under their control.

What is unique about BDAP℠ is that it adds a layer of hierarchy with identified participants to our anonymous blockchains to facilitate BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) applications and services, creating a hybrid public-private blockchain. The hybrid network allows anonymous and identified (permissionless and permissioned) Dynodes to connect and share data in harmony, privately and without a third party intermediary.

  • Programmable permissions and organisations for access control.
  • Adds tamper resistant participant identities, auditing and certificate entries/records to the ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Sequence’ blockchains.
  • Anonymous and identified participants allow private and public services; such as video streaming for consultations.
  • Advice forums with verified knowledgeable experts and anonymous clients.
  • Lookup participants in our directory chains (similar to a phonebook) to create a private Internet connection no matter where the two peers are located.

Dynamic v2.4 which will fully support the BDAP protocol and have a new internal GPU miner is scheduled for release in February 2019, alongside v1.3 of Sequence. Support for BDAP within Sequence will also come in 2019; which will further secure the Dynamic blockchain via the Sequence blockchains Proof of Stake (PoS) blocks against Sybil attacks and in-turn increase the amount of transactions that can be processed per second.

Sequence v1.3 brings two important fixes; one fixes a bug which caused staking to cease and required the user to restart their wallet to re-enable staking, and the second is to fix a fee conflict within the wallet code and the miner code which will come into effect as a soft-fork once 75% of the network has updated to v1.3. Along with these crucial fixes, there are multiple small fixes to the user interface, including fee info displayed within the wallet. Full BDAP protocol support within Sequence is road-mapped for version 1.4 of the full node software.


Michael Harkess and Matthew Langdon have been overhauling the back-end and front-end of both the website and platform. Bringing a new design concept that provides an informative perspective on all the features and services Duality has to offer and how they apply across different industries.

The website, platform and Dynamic/Sequence block explorers have a large number of new developments completed, which are live or will be going live shortly, these are as follows:

Website Updates

  • An overall better understanding of what we do, who we are and what is cryptocurrency.
  • Complete overhaul of content.
  • Wordpress to Symfony change.
  • Language Translation options.
  • FreshDesk Support via Email, Twitter, and support tickets.
  • Updated FAQ and Knowledge Base.
  • Integration of Duality user accounts across all Duality sites.
  • Updated Web Wallet.
  • 2FA security integration.

Platform Updates

  • Content overhaul.
  • New layout design.
  • New graphs/charts.
  • Conversion to/from popular world currencies.
  • Data from CryptoCompare, CoinMarketCap, Bittrex, and other DYN/SEQ supported exchanges for the use in DYN/SEQ/BTC live prices and live market data.
  • Ability to export transaction history into CSV or PDF.
  • Duality Web Wallet (Use your accounts wallet as a web wallet).
  • 2FA security integration.
  • Language Translation options.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency payment options (BTC, SEQ, DYN).
  • Account API access (Web wallet).
  • Public API access (Dynode/Network information).
  • User notifications reworked.
  • On-demand wallet address creation.
  • Coin info.
  • Dynode info.
  • KYC Process completely overhauled.

Platform Bug Fixes

  • Registration issue where the user was not activated.
  • Activation issue where some users did not receive a master wallet id.
  • ReCAPTCHA issues related to set-up.
  • Confirm withdrawal email not received.
  • Last login date issue.
  • KYC not advancing through the process.
  • Login issue.

Dynamic & Sequence Block Explorer Updates

  • Modified Iquidus explorer for both Dynamic and Sequence.
  • Support for company addresses.
  • Support for Dynode information page.


When it comes to support here is what’s been done:

  • Updated Dynode setup guide.
  • Updated Sequence staking documentation
  • Worldwide staff providing 24-hour support.
  • Social media integration for faster response.

What to look forward to:

  • Wiki page set up.
  • Knowledgebase & FAQ for the new websites.
  • Official Duality Forum

Software support

In terms of support for Dynamic and Sequence, new DNS Seeders (3 for each) have been set up globally to provide users with connectivity when initially starting their wallet/full node software.

For fast blockchain sync, we have new bootstrap servers providing daily updated bootstrap.dat files. Users can download these and place them in their data directories before starting their wallet to enable a faster and cleaner sync process.


With the upcoming releases of Dynamic v2.4 & Sequence v1.3 testing has intensified and so has the process surrounding it. The increase of binaries for Dynamic is a result of having OpenCL/CUDA GPU mining support and AVX512f functionality added to the core wallet. The architectures supported for Sequence are and will continue to be, ARM, x86 and x64. Dynamic will continue to only support the x64 architecture due to the use of the Argon2d algorithm.

Testing of Dynamic and Sequence are carried out across varied operating systems such as Debian 8/9, Ubuntu 14/16/18, CentOS 6/7, Windows 7/10 and OSX. The testing of the daemon and Qt binaries are carried out separately, with 3 passes and any issues which might be found are reported back to the core development department for them to fix and then all tests are restarted. Once these tests begin, the GitHub branch is locked to avoid any additional changes that would cause a fresh start of the whole test protocol.

Branding & Marketing

The Branding & Marketing department has merged into a new “micro-group”, with new talent joining from all over the world. The purpose of this new “micro-group” is to provide a well synced & stable flow of content from scratch to publishing. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • New unified branding theme for everything Duality:
  • Articles.
  • Brochures.
  • Software.
  • Graphics and materials for any community needs.
  • Both community and corporate websites.
  • Content for blog, social media and events.
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Technical guides, tutorials.
  • Informational content (Use cases & problem-solving in different industries, new features, general information).
  • Comparisons within a variety of industries with solutions provided by Duality.
  • Infographics, video explainers.

Get Involved

Duality fully appreciates the feedback from the community and we hope this post answers many of your questions. Be assured that the team is working hard to continuously improve and bring innovation. We are excited for 2019 as much as we know you are.

Head over to Discord for answers to any questions you might have or help you might need.
Are you already engaged with Duality team on Discord? If not, come join us here

Useful Links

PDF Download Link https://goo.gl/royfYM

Main Website

Dyn Explorer

SEQ Explorer




We appreciate the community provided websites.


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