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Dynamic 2.4 — Next-Generation Data Storage & Verification

Duality Blockchain Solutions is proud to announce Dynamic, packed with new features and enhancements, many being industry firsts.


Dynamic 2.4 introduces BDAP, a revolutionary product that replaces the industry-standard LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). BDAP, which stands for Blockchain Directory Access Protocol, dispenses with the need for businesses and organizations to employ a trusted third party to host their databases. As well as generating cost-savings, BDAP offers organizations maximum control over their data directories, while allowing any person with the required clearance to access, search and update the directories, wherever they are.

BDAP adds a layer of resource hierarchy compared with LDAP. It provides a distributed database and account linking to our blockchains, which makes it possible to develop core information systems from a hybrid public-private blockchain. The hybrid design allows both anonymous and identified (permissionless and permissioned) nodes to connect and share data privately and securely without a third-party intermediary and to scale the database up indefinitely.

Duality’s upcoming Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) will give developers access to BDAP objects, Distributed Hash Table (DHT) storage, isolate applications, and increase performance by using sidechains to host decentralized applications.

VGP (“Very Good Privacy”), a standalone end-to-end encryption library created by Duality and modeled after the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) cryptosystem has also been implemented in this update, Duality has made huge improvements to PGP, developed by Phil Zimmermann all the way back in 1991. A modernized version of PGP, creating a smaller header, smaller ciphertext and uses next-generation cryptography algorithms (AES-CTR vs IDEA, Curve25519 vs RSA). Can encrypt data for one or many recipients using a common AES key that encrypts the payload. Uses Diffie-Hellman key exchange to derive the ephemeral keys used for encryption. More can be read about VGP here.

Notably, Duality is the first cryptocurrency project to offer AV2/AVX512 support, as well as CUDA/OpenCL GPU mining built into the wallet. This means that sync time is greatly increased for the user, as well as an overall performance boost of up to 30% when mining.

The complexity of this ground-breaking update is exhibited by over 1400 GitHub commits associated with this update.

Feature Updates

Many features have been added or enhanced:

  • Addition of BDAP protocol and DHT, along with rev.1 UI for the Qt wallet
  • Integration of libbdaptorrent and VGP
  • Improvement and speedup of network/connectivity/sync
  • AVX512 support added
  • Improved Keypool Management
  • Implemented BIP147
  • Add mnemonic export/restore UI to Qt wallet
  • BIP39 wordlists added for multiple languages for mnemonic phrases
  • Translations for multiple languages completed
  • Corrected the RPC documentation for the Fluid protocol

The entire changelog for version 2.4 can be found here.

Get the Update

Install this mandatory update to ensure that you remain on the correct blockchain, and your Dynode continues to receive rewards. If you have any issues you can reach out to the Duality team on Discord with any questions you have and they will happily support you.

If you are upgrading from version or earlier and your wallet is encrypted, ensure to unlock it on the first run to allow it to upgrade correctly. If your wallet is not encrypted, then no action is required.

Download the appropriate version for your operating system now by visiting the official Duality Blockchain Solutions website.

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