Genesis Wallet now supports Dynamic (DYN)

Dynamic (DYN) is now supported by the Genesis Wallet alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ravencoin. The addition of Dynamic is made possible by using Insight, which utilizes the Node.js module developed by Duality which is available for other developers to use over at

When using Genesis Wallet you are in control of your funds/private keys, they are not stored remotely, and the Genesis Wallet team doesn’t store any of your information.

Genesis Wallet is available from for Windows and Linux, with a MacOS version coming soon. Currently, the executable is not digitally signed, William Kibbler (the developer) has been made aware of this and it will be digitally signed in future versions.

If you require Dynamic (DYN) head on over to Bittrex, BlockNet, CryptoBridge or CoinSwitch to get your hands on some today.

Please be aware Genesis Wallet is not open source software and Duality does not endorse or support Genesis Wallet provided by

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