Introducing pShare

pShare is a new file-sharing and streaming network that offers low costs, high speeds and unbeatable security and privacy.

With pShare (private share) you can privately share files with friends, family, and colleagues without concerns about a third party shadowing your information as conventional file-sharing providers do. pShare protects privacy with a peer-to-peer network linked to your BDAP (Blockchain Database Access Protocol) account. Cutting-edge, encrypted technology gives the user exclusive authority on who participates in shared content.

Easy to use and compatible with most operating systems, pShare lets you organize your network into public and private groups, with public groups stored on the blockchain and private groups encrypted on the Distributed Hash Table (DHT). The main blockchain acts as a network-auditing mechanism and adds an extra layer of access security. pShare connects computers behind NATs and firewalls using the same VoIP technology as large communications vendors.

Unbeatable privacy and security

Centralized data-sharing services have always been vulnerable to attack. In 2016 it was confirmed that 68 million user accounts on Dropbox created prior to mid-2012 had been leaked online with their associated passwords. With pShare, such security breaches cannot occur. End-to-end encrypted files are not stored on servers or in the cloud, which exposes them to risk, and there are no centrally located keys. Because only you and the person you are conversing with have keys, it is impossible for any other party to access documents or files. Once pShare is closed the files are unavailable to your BDAP sharing network.

Using stealth addresses, pShare creates a new set of keys for every link, further enhancing privacy and security. What’s more, pShare implements asymmetric cryptography within the intended recipients’ public keys, so only they can decrypt the data. With linkage keys, Party A can store network routing and relay information in the DHT for Party B. pShare uses WebRTC to allow high-quality, real-time browser-to-browser file transfers and VoIP streaming.

Anyone can benefit from the unbeatable security and privacy that pShare offers, but for certain sectors these standards are non-negotiable.


The healthcare sector is subject to the strict HIPAA Privacy Rule, protecting individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. It applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses and healthcare providers that conduct certain transactions electronically. pShare is naturally compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule because it stores no data, and no third party contracts need to be agreed. By eliminating user agreements you negate the risk of breaches and the need for legal compliance officers and security administrators to watch over the communication protocol. Private documents including health records, laboratory results, CT scans, and other images can be shared at will, but since they are not centrally stored there is a drastic reduction in the chances of unauthorized access.


As with healthcare, privacy and security of student records are of paramount importance. Around the world, schools and colleges are subject to data protection laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the US. Once again, pShare allows compliance with FERPA and international equivalents. Transcripts can be transferred between students and educational institutions without the need to employ personnel to monitor security and guarantee compliance. Schools and students can inspect grades and education records, request changes and corrections to their records and even create access to other affiliated schools.


With pShare, private and confidential documents can be sent with zero risks of unauthorized access. When used in tandem with pSign (private sign), those documents can be digitally signed and sent in minutes, in compliance with laws and protocols pertaining to the Attorney/Client privilege. pShare (alongside pSign) can become the de-facto solution to send as many contracts and other documents back and forth with confidence, knowing no other party is involved or able to view anything sent through pShare. We can easily foresee a near future in which legal firms leverage the security and efficiency of their operations by means of the Duality ecosystem.

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