Monday, Release Day!

Monday, August 27th, 2018

We’re happy to announce the long-awaited release of the improved Dynamic & Sequence wallets.

Important!!! Dynode operators need to have both the local wallet and VPS running the same version of DYN, 2.3 local with 2.3 VPS.

Below is the list of commits, key updates and features of the new wallet releases:

Dynamic v2.3.0.0

  • Net Overhaul and BTC Inlining
  • Bump LevelDB/UniValue/secp256k1 versions
  • [rpc] ParseHash: Fail when length is not 64
  • Add common failure cases for rpc server connection failure
  • Addition of mining tab
  • Update miningpage for out of sync situation + add tooltips
  • Stop DynodeBroadcast::Relay() when not synced
  • Remove zero-fee transactions as an option
  • Added Sliders
  • [Miner] check for dynode sync before mining
  • Hash Rate Widget for Mining Page
  • Initial complete Korean translation added
  • Increase mempool expiry time to 2 weeks
  • [CoinControl] Allow non-wallet owned change addresses
  • Fix Dynode List
  • Force Dynodes to have listen=1 and maxconnections to be at least DEFAULT_MAX_PEER_CONNECTIONS
  • Update univalue and secp256k1 libraries (June 2018)
  • [Fluid] Fix getfluidhistoryraw RPC command
  • [Fluid] Fix getfluidsovereigns RPC command
  • [Fluid] Allow negative fluid minting amounts
  • Update dynamic_find_bdb48.m4
  • Inline Argon2d code with commit fba7b9a

Sequence v1.2.0.0

  • Cleanup checkpoint data
  • Add checkpoints
  • Add unsupported-ssl to
  • Update BigNum
  • Update timedata/ti/tinyformat
  • Update ntp.cpp/h
  • Removed exec flags where unneeded
  • Fix Send Confirmation Window
  • Bump Proto/Version
  • Change Copyright years
  • Make fee higher for splitblock usage
  • Remove CLIENT_DATE and cleanup
  • Remove MultiSigUI
  • Update LevelDB to 1.20 + add SSE4.2 flags
  • Update Icons for Sequence
  • Update CHANGELOG

Today we are also announcing that Duality.International will not be released yet. As we have hired a branding company to rework and improve everything surrounding Duality, that includes the websites, platform, logos and general branding.