Blocknet has announced on Twitter the recent integration of Sequence to the Blocknet ecosystem to people both familiar and unfamiliar to Sequence.

This Integration will allow people to take advantage of the Decentralized exchange in addition to the cross-blockchain interoperability provided by the Blocknet ecosystem which could greatly benefit both projects in the future.

So what is Sequence and why should people be interested?

A coin for everyone.

Sequence is a PoS token, and as such it doesn’t require expensive equipment such as a graphics card(GPU) or ASIC(application-specific integrated circuit) to participate. To join in you just need a computer that meets the minimum staking requirements (even a Raspberry Pi will do) and an internet connection, which makes it very easy for anyone interested in entering the blockchain space to get involved and help further secure the Sequence network.

The role of Sequence with BDAP℠, pShare and pSign.

Sequence will play an important role in supporting and securing the upcoming BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) applications based on the revolutionary BDAP℠ protocol*, by utilizing its distributed database system. Sequence will provide second tier validation for all of our blockchain transactions and in-turn secure the data stored on our blockchain.

*BDAP℠ among other things should help cut costs in a variety of industries with the help of Duality applications such as pShare, pSign and any third party developments made with development kits that will be announced later this year.

For everybody new to this project… Welcome to Duality! We invite you to start by reading the following article:

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