End of road for trucking startup Palleter
Märt Kelder

As a truck driver, it’s obvious to see that your whole approach is backwards.

Think “tinder for freight” instead of “uber for trucking”. Your opportunity is not to try to distill data with centralized logic, but rather to push data out to the edges so the operator can make decisions better/faster.

And of course there needs to be a way for drivers to share customer reviews with each other. I.E. customer X takes unreasonably long coffee breaks, has a hazardous backing scenario, doesn’t knows what you are picking up, can’t find the paper work, doesn’t know how to fill out the paperwork, doesn’t know how to securely load the freight, can’t decide what is there dba or shipping address today, doesn’t know how to package and palletize their product, which is already damaged or leaking, schedules 5 trucks to all show up at the same time, closes early, pretends to close early, etc, etc, etc.

You have to take a bottom-up approach because a top-down approach is just a never-ending cascade of caveats and trade-offs.

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