The End of 2015 and Living Off Wifi

Where did 2015 go? Moving countries, working a few different jobs and making a one bedroom flat a home…still have a ways to go on this but each month a bit more gets added.

I survived the year living off wifi around Vancouver… Chicago, New York, Portland and Seattle (x2) and even Victoria, BC. Most major cities have free wifi downtown and most of the major banks in Canada offer wifi on top of Starbucks…the only reason I enter one these days. If they sold warm apple cider as a drink… I’d be all over that.

I’ll continue to live off data with one exception. When I’m traveling for pleasure outside North America.. South America next year and maybe London for a conference or even back to Asia. I’ll pick up a local SIM card to support my travels. It’s very cost effective compared to Canada and helps when I seriously get lost. I can’t see a reason not too.

There were only a couple moments when I wish I has data on my phone. Truthful those moments weren’t an emergency nor did the consequences of not having the data alter my life in a major way. Until Canadian wireless carriers begin to treat us as customers and charge a fair price compared to the rest of the developed world. I won’t give them any more money then I need too.

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