Life’s Journey

My journey began over 80 years ago. 80 is a big number and many things have happened during that time. All of us are given our lives without our asking. We aren’t given a manual describing the best way to live it so we start out. At first there are the childhood days when we are at the mercy of our parents. We know nothing.

There were the toys, scooters, little red wagons, bicycles etc. I’ll never forget getting a brand new bicycle delivered to a store in Stuart, Florida. My uncle Fred drove me there — about five miles I guess. I jumped on it and rode to Jensen Beach where we were staying. The memory of that and the excitement is ingrained. I don’t remember anyone worrying about my safety except maybe getting hit by a car. I have no memory of the bike after that.

Off to school. Somewhere after the first three or four grades I began to hate it. The teachers were busy paying attention to the smart kids and ignored the rest of us. I’ve since had schooling along the way and in spite of a modest intellect I managed pretty well.

I remember going to movies in various places where we lived. There was Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, The Durango Kid, and most other cowboy movies as long as there were no girls in it.

As I got older the prospect of being drafted into the military loomed. The thought of going into the army was not appealing, so I enlisted in the navy. I think the television series Victory at Sea influenced me. This was the days of early television which was in black and white and no remote.

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