Every Company Has a Story to Tell

The hands putting pencil to paper to tell the story

Finding new ways to tell your company story is now more important and at the same time more possible than ever before. However, does your story have relevance with your desired audience? Do you speak the language of the people that you need to reach in order to grow your business, attract talent and more important keep customers and employees as life long believers?

Is your company culture front and center in your story? First questions to ask yourself is; how is your culture doing, what is your culture about and what are your true lived core beliefs as an organization? Maybe it’s time for a culture well being check? While your are at it, get rid of the old tag lines about how great you are and statements about your value proposition that honestly fall short and are only a creation of your marketing department. You don’t get to decide what the tagline is, your employees and customers do that! As a matter of fact, your employees are your customers too and should be your VIP customers, upgraded!

Experiential, emotional intelligent content starts within an organization’s culture and can transfer to external communication and create raving fans and longevity. I have witnessed first hand at an executive level, authentic internal communications and the lack there of. In the past five years of my career before setting off on my own, I have experienced, sincerity and I have experienced plastic insincerity. The sincere experience led the company to succeed and the later, not so much.

My call to action for you, if you are a CEO, CMO, CHRO or COO, is to look deep and wide into how good internal communications and a people driven culture can create better bottom line, spreadsheets and incredible ROI, enabling your external communications and marketing of your brand to succeed beyond your imagination.
Great Internal Communication Created an Amazing Brain Trust that Propelled AOFTHEI

We live in a world of transparency and must pay attention to new perceptions. No matter if you are a small company, public or especially desire to become public, listen to me and connect with me to hear more about how I can help you achieve your desired results through my differentiated approach to communication in this new world of experiential and emotionally connected people, that do not like to be marketed to in the old school fashion. Be authentic and transparent and you will win BIG!

CCO and Executive Producer of Experience, Internal Communications and Culture — Duane Tornquist explains how important and critical, true authenticity and transparency are to a company’s survival