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More Equality For You, Does Not Mean Less Equality For Me.


A Nonfundraiser asks your supporters to donate money directly in exchange for not having to buy, sell or eat anything 💯

This summer I ran across a fundraiser for a school where they had simply asked the parents to donate money in exchange for not having to buy, sell or eat cookie dough, wrapping paper or participate in a run.

I found the idea of a “nonfundraiser” to be amusing and on-point with my life at the moment. School, clubs and activities are all asking us to sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazines, participate in this ‘thon’ or that…

Photo by Max Denisevich: some rights reserved https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

After a year of hard work we are proud to announce Founder Academy Sacramento, a Sacramento-based, Silicon Valley training and mentoring program for entrepreneurs.

The Founder Academy is being launched by experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who are filling a critical need in the local ecosystem by providing training, tools and mentorship to Sacramento’s best and brightest entrepreneurs.

Learn By Doing

In our 12-week, hands-on, mentor-driven training and launch program. The program consists of weekly evening sessions conducted at several locations around the downtown — midtown area.

Classes are interactive and collaborative and will be lead by mentors who are successful business veterans who offer advice and share their experiences. …

Don’t be the Neanderthals, be Homo Sapien. This image has so many problems but I see ones just like it and hear from founders and investors who think the same thing. Entrepreneurship is not about self-help and feel-good posters, it’s about building something you are passionate about, that people love and ultimately that those customers will pay you for.

Not a straight path but a curve (damn, now I'm doing it..)

Copyright Standford Business, All Rights Reserved: http://stanfordbusiness.tumblr.com/post/108924839709/success-is-one-persons-life-being-better-because

This is the embodiment of the problem, this one image, and I’m sick of hearing this stupid axiom from founders and investors and apparently from well-regarded business programs.


The billfold wallet we are all familiar with today would also be recognizable to a person walking down a street in 1690’s Massachusetts.

The wallet. A simple concept that is largely unchanged from its form or function since the invention of paper money.

Sure, there have been advances over the last few hundred years — some velco was added in the 1970’s to keep things in place and a tri-fold design made earlier in the 1950’s made the wallet smaller, but on a whole the form factor we shove never to be seen again cards, receipts and junk into and then stow away in our pants would look mightily familiar to someone in the 1690’s walking around the streets of the Massachusetts Bay…

Tinder’s interaction model works well for superficial interactions, Is (s)he hot or not? yes, yes, no, no, no, no, etc., but the model fails when applied to other more complex models where thoughtfulness is needed before making a decision.

Over the last few weeks i’ve found and/or signed up for several new apps that use a card style layout with swipe right for “Hot” / “Yes” or left for “Not” / “ No” interactions.

While this is a completely reasonable pattern for things that need only superficial, subjective initial interactions on the viewers part the model fails when you are…

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Designer, Engineer, Product Manager: More companies need to focus away from safe & incremental solutions, towards bold & transformative ones!

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