Grab A Trump by the…. Wallet

Introducing #DumpTheTrumps, a website and Facebook Messenger Bot that helps you put your money where your mouth is 🤑 There was a Twitter bot too but damn Twitter hates a bot, unless it’s a racist one… apparently.

The idea is simple, see if your favourite retailer sells Trump products and if so, ask them to stop by emailing, calling, tweeting and posting to them on Facebook. Simply tell them that you will shop elsewhere this holiday (and the next) until they divest from the Trump family.

After all there are plenty of places to pickup that new 300in OLED TV for Christmas, right? Why not give that money to a retailer who doesn’t enable the Trumps 🙌

Check out the website at or add the Facebook Messenger Bot by searching for Dumpthetrumps and see if the shop you are about to drop your hard earned cash at stands with Love or Hate!

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Special thanks to #GrabYourWallet for compiling an awesome list!

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