Introducing Resistance, Inc.

Hello 🇺🇸 — Today we are announcing the beta of Resistance, Inc.

We’re a group of startup and political folks with a passion for simple technology products that can change the world. We’re volunteers working together across 8 cities on tools to power the resistance

Our first commercial product is called RUN : A startup package for new progressive candidates to quickly get setup to run for office, market themselves and fundraise.

I had a whole story about how America and the World needs more diverse people to join government and then Nazi’s attacked #Charlottesville VA and the President can’t actually denounce hate groups… so there’s no need for pretense, it’s clear… you know what to do.

Run and flip the whole damn map blue. Every. Single. State. Every Election. Special Election. School Board Seat. Every. Single. One!

If you are a progressive in a red or purple district and you want to flip it blue, we will help you! If your democratic leader can’t figure out which side of history to be on, we’ll help you too.

We would love to have a demographically representative group to work with. It makes no difference what your background is, if you’re rich or poor of middle-class. Apply!

What is the deal?

Inspired by the Stripe Atlas product we are building an online toolbox for candidates to quickly setup a comittee and run for office.

This package includes a 3rd party full service campaign reporting, compliance and employment service, a registered agent address (if needed), a Treasurer (if needed), a free bank account + EIN number for your campaign with initial paperwork filing, reporting and an ActBlue account for fundraising.

Additionally, candidates will recieve a digital package with hosting, a special WordPress theme to promote your campaign, a style guide and social media graphics with approved legal copy for a small one-time fee.

We’re adding new packages all the time and if you are reading this and provide services to campaigns then we would love to work with you…

What’s the catch?

Cynic ;D

There’s no catch, we make stuff. This stuff is needed. People want this stuff… go

There is a small one-time fee and there could be some on-going fees to our partners if you need more customized reporting for instance (most people won't), or a super complex tech integration or one-off customization of your theme… We will tell you upfront if that applies to you. 95% of the time the flat fee is going to cover it!

Other than the small fee, there’s no catch.

Our Values

Progressive ones. No loyalty form to comply with or pledge of allegiance to anything other than our country and your constituents. In general that means:

Don’t be evil, protect women’s rights, promote a single-payer health care system, protect and expand medicare, keep social security from being destroyed, protect public lands, clean air, water, etc. work for the poor and under privileged as hard as you work for the middle-class, businesses and wealthy concerns in your community. Immigrants make America great and be the leaders the country and the world needs.

Be awesome, you can do it, we believe in you!

Get onto the waitlist by signing up at our Product Hunt upcoming page here or by visiting our website

We can’t wait to meet you!

Want to volunteer your startup or political skills, products or services? We totally need that. Join a meetup near you (Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Boulder/Denver, Boston, New York City, Washington DC) and help us make awesome tools to power the resistance.

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