Introducing “Nonfundraiser”, a new fundraising platform that wants you to sell nothing

A Nonfundraiser asks your supporters to donate money directly in exchange for not having to buy, sell or eat anything 💯

This summer I ran across a fundraiser for a school where they had simply asked the parents to donate money in exchange for not having to buy, sell or eat cookie dough, wrapping paper or participate in a run.

I found the idea of a “nonfundraiser” to be amusing and on-point with my life at the moment. School, clubs and activities are all asking us to sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazines, participate in this ‘thon’ or that ‘thon’, and give them the names/emails of parents, family, co-workers and friends so our child can earn a trinket or “free” t-shirt 🤔

While those fundraisers generate needed revenue for the organizations they serve, they are time consuming to run, and generally don’t provide a reasonable ROI.

After the marketing companies cut, the costs of the goods, the effort and labour of the PTAs & Boards, the organization looking for money gets to spend a ton of effort to make 15–20% from the total sales.

It doesn’t need to be that much trouble, that manual or intrusive and the whole process can actually generate more revenue for your organization with less work… by doing nothing! Also, I can’t be alone in not wanting to get any of that stuff they are selling. Personally, I would rather just give them $20.00 and forget about the “reward”.


Nonfundraiser is an automated online fundraising and donor engagement platform, that doesn’t ask your donors to buy or sell anything! 🙌

We created Nonfundraiser to allow individuals, nonprofits and groups, such as parent teacher associations, to raise money for needed programs without the need to buy or sell anything. Our ask is simple “make this donation in appreaciation of having nothing to buy, sell or do other than complete this form” 🎊 🎉 😻

With Nonfundraiser you can be signed up in 10-minutes and start raising money for your cause.

There are a few simple rules to follow:

  • No political campaign contributions allowed
  • These are donations, not equity/investments/loans/etc
  • No rewards offered as part of the sale … you can give your top boosters a gift if you want, but the basic idea is that the donation is in exchange for not having to buy anything ✌️

It works with Stripe!

Signup and get your own merchant account in minutes, or connect to an existing Stripe account in seconds!

With a Nonfundraiser there is no setup fee or monthly fee, only a 2.1%/transaction fee. This is in addition to the Stripe fees of 2.9% + $0.30/transaction. You only get charged if you receive a donation and your money is deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe.

One of the features that I am excited about is the “Be A Booster” functionality. Your biggest fans can spread your message and raise money on your behalf. Your top Boosters will be shown on your fundraising page. You can make that a compeition if you want to.

I am excited about launching the beta of our self-service fundraising platform for good 😊 and I can’t wait to see what people do with it 💯 😻 👏

Need help getting set up, or with features or promotions? Let us know at or on twitter at @Nonfundraiser

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