Sage 50 Accounting Software US Version — At A Glance

Sage 50 accounting software (US version) is simple accounting software that’s designed to let your business grow and perform better. If you’re looking forward to exploring the commercial accounting software market to buy your next software, then choose Sage 50 accounting software. Engineered specially for small-scale businesses, this accounting software lets small companies become big in no time. Now, let’s learn a bit more about Sage 50 accounting software.

How does Sage 50 helps small companies grow better?

  • With this software, bill payments become easier than ever.
  • This specific application is designed to let you invoice customers without hassles.
  • Sage 50 Accounting US (Peachtree) enables you to track cash availability quickly.
  • Because you don’t have to focus on these administrative tasks any more, you can spend your crucial time and resources in managing core business activities.
  • This software needs minimal human intervention, so you can easily avert committing a number of costly accounting errors.
  • Since you have a complete view of your commercial accounts with this software, you’re just a step away from creating accurate budgets and controlling complex cash flows.
  • With a single-click view of your company’s accounts, you’re able to take better financial decisions that’ll let your company grow.

Here are some quick FAQs and facts about Sage 50

What’s Sage 50’s functionality?

This programme is focused on providing smooth functionality for crucial financial tasks, such as accounts receivables, accounts payable, billing, job costing and general ledger reporting. This software even has a range of add-ons that are offered by Sage and other 3rd-party developers to improve its functionality.

How the versions of Sage 50 are differ from one another?

Sage 50 has three versions — Pro, Premium, and Quantum. Sage50 Pro offers limited functionality and can have only one user. Sage 50 Premium, on the other hand, offers different accounting features and can support five users. Last, there’s Sage 50 Quantum Accounting version that offers all the more features than what were offered in the Pro and Premium versions; plus, the Quantum version can support 40 users. The features offered in the Quantum version include industry-centric functionality for manufacturers, contractors, distributors, and non-profits.

So that’s it, Sage 50. Get this software to your business and manage accounts and the numbers of your company with effortless efficiency. If you’ve found this piece useful, then do share it with others and spread the word. While buying this software, you can contact a number of vendors offering this and other business management applications.