When to have Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant?

If you want to go ahead with a hair loss treatment then first of all, it is necessary to identify are you really a victim of hair loss and baldness?

This is because the Artistic Vertex Design Hair transplant procedure is not as simple as it sounds. Before going ahead for a transplant you need to be sure what is the level and severity of your hair loss

Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant

· Firstly, you need to consult a hair expert, so that you can get advice from a qualified individual regarding what type of baldness and hair loss are you facing and which hair treatment would be the most suitable for you accordingly.

· You need to closely monitor your hair loss condition for some time in order to judge how bad it is and how long has it been. This is because the hair expert would not be observing you for months, you would be the one so you would have the most idea about your hair and scalp problems

· Sometimes the hair fall is not too much that it requires a hair transplant, instead you might be a better candidate for a PRP hair loss treatment

· Moreover, at times, cost might be an issue for many people which is why a hair expert would give you the various options you could choose from according to you need and budget

· There are also people who only want to get a hair transplant regardless of the type and its benefits. As artistic vertex design provides a better and much more appealing natural aesthetic look then the other ones

What’s the right time?

Once you have gone through all the details with your hair expert and have been confirmed that you are the right candidate. Your surgeon will examine your scalp and on the day of the surgery completely explain the pre and post op instructions for the procedure.

This procedure is very similar to the FUE Hair Transplant which is why you will need a time period of up to 10 days for complete recovery. It is advisable to take at least a week off from work so that you can have quick recovery and resume as soon as possible.

It is always advised by the surgeons to have a hair transplant procedure when you are able to relax yourself from all activities for a week or so.

This is because the more time you give it, the more quickly your scalp will recover. However, it is a natural procedure which involves transplanting your own hairs back into the scalp where baldness prevails, which is why it takes some time for the transplanted hairs to settle down and take root into the scalp.

It takes 4 to 6 months until the hairs take root and start to grow normally. Once these grow out, they can be cut, trimmed, colored or treated in any way that is desired.