Things to Do in Dubai

Whether travelling with family or exploring alone, Dubai is packed with things to do. Travellers of all ages flock to this oasis in the desert to take in its dramatic cityscape, world famous shopping malls and fascinating old city.

Dubai Shopping

Dubai shopping is now practically a way of life, from its traditional gold souk to the opulent Dubai Mall.

Dubai has evolved into the world’s favourite shopping destinations. Dubai shopping is now practically a way of life, from its traditional gold souk to the opulent Dubai Mall. From local vendors to international brands, Dubai boasts some of the most prestigious shops on the globe, all in the same city.

Dubai’s best malls

The first stop for anyone on a shopping break in Dubai has to be the Dubai Mall. This huge shopping centre is heaven for holidaymakers who want to shop from morning to night. Inside, visitors can find over 1000 stores, as well as excellent restaurants, cafes and an indoor aquarium with its own shark tunnel. For the little ones, KidZania — Dubai Mall’s very own children’s theme park — will provide hours of entertainment.

Until the opening of Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates was Dubai’s biggest mall and it’s still among its most popular. This mall hosts exclusive department stores and designer brands. Elsewhere, Deira City Centre is famed for its selection of high street stores and Mercato is an elegant Renaissance-themed shopping attraction.

In the city’s traditional souks, a mesmerizing array of international spices colourfully arranged alongside one another. And with over 300 stores, the gold souk is the ideal place to pick up jewelry that has special meaning.

Dubai Shopping Festival

In January and February each year, Dubai hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival. This major event attracts around three million visitors to the UAE annually and it’s marked by significant discounts in almost all of Dubai’s shops and malls.

Dubai Tours

Dubai tours are popular with tourists who want to see the city in full, and offer a great opportunity to get to know the vibrant city of Dubai at its best.

With so many attractions to explore, Dubai tours are popular with tourists who want to see the city in full, and offer a great opportunity to get to know the vibrant city of Dubai at its best.

Tours of Dubai

When you arrive in the city, begin with a tour of Dubai’s urban landscape. One of the best ways to do this is by open-top bus tour. Sit on the top deck for a humbling view of Dubai’s spectacular skyscrapers and its exotic attractions, where you can see major sights like the Burj Khalifa, the sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab and Dubai Marina.

For a glimpse beneath Dubai’s commercial exterior, arrange a guided tour of Jumeirah Mosque — the UAE’s most important religious site — with the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Walking tours around the traditional buildings in Bastakiya can also be booked with this cultural group. And if you want to explore Dubai’s surrounding desert, guided desert safaris offer one of a kind experiences for visitors of all ages.

See Dubai from the water and above

For an unforgettable view of Dubai’s dramatic skyline, take a hot air balloon tour. Soar high above the city over the desert — it’s a particularly peaceful experience for visitors who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai for a while. Or book a night time cruise down Dubai Creek in a traditional dhow, on which you can enjoy a traditional meal and marvel at Dubai’s architecture in comfort.

Spas in Dubai

Enjoy the epitome of relaxation and indulgence.

Escape from the stresses of modern life with a visit to one of our spas in Dubai and enjoy the epitome of relaxation and indulgence.

At our Jumeirah hotels and resorts in Dubai, visitors are welcomed into a cocoon of comfort, where your every need is looked after. From Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah Resort to Talise Spa in the Burj Al Arab, our exclusive range of spas has an array of restorative treatments to heal your body and mind.

Spa treatments in Dubai

Treatments in Dubai spas can range from simple quick-fixes to deluxe spa experiences over several days. A relaxing body massage and rejuvenating facial is just what you need after a long day sightseeing in Dubai or a hectic period of business meetings. If on a honeymoon or a romantic holiday in Dubai, consider booking couples treatments that allow you and your loved one to relax together in private. Or if you simply need a break from the children, hire a babysitter for the evening and indulge in a quick, relaxing spa treatment to get you ready for the next day’s activities.

The Dubai spa experience isn’t just about specialist treatments. Relax in a spa swimming pool to soak up the atmosphere of tranquillity and wellness for which spas are rightly known. Our spas in Dubai also offer yoga or fitness classes to help you recalibrate the body’s natural balance.

Other ways to relax in Dubai

Outside Dubai’s spas, there are plenty of other ways to relax. From a hot air balloon ride above the spectacular desert to a round of golf at one of Dubai’s prestigious courses, relaxing in Dubai has never been easier.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari Dubai is a great attraction in its own right, and offers plenty for visitors to explore throughout the year

Dubai is one of the world’s most impressive urban landscapes, unbelievably built in the middle of the desert. Dubai Desert is a great attraction in its own right, and offers plenty for visitors to explore throughout the year, whether looking for indoor or outdoor attractions.

Exploring Dubai Desert

This stunning desert surrounds the city of Dubai, and is characterized by wide expanses of sands and captivating dunes. One of the most popular ways to explore the desert is by safari. These expeditions to Dubai Desert can be booked throughout the day. Morning safaris are ideal for visitors with a busy sightseeing schedule, but evening safaris offer the most memorable views and the best photographs.

In addition to seeing the sunset illuminate the sky, evening safaris in Dubai Desert may also include dinner, belly dancing and the traditional shisha pipe. You may also be able to book an overnight desert safari, during which travellers will be able to sleep under the Arabian sky after an al fresco dinner and return to Dubai the following morning.

An alternative way to explore Dubai Desert is from above. Book a hot air balloon tour and enjoy a bird’s eye view of this inspiring sandy landscape.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

To learn more about the desert and its natural environment, visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This organization is dedicated to preserving the desert’s biodiversity, and guided tours can be booked with approved operators.