Top 5 Dubai Desert Safari Tours to Remember

The affluent adventure of Dubai will ensure that you get to experience the city in style especially when you choose a desert safari tour. Leave the glitz and the glamour of glass and gold behind and escape to a world of sand, flooding skies and natural splendour. Dubai desert safari tours are truly something else and spending time immersed in the colours, the old world charm and the crumbling sand dunes is something that is sure to linger in your memory.

Camel Safari for spiritual splendour

Dubai Camel Safari

Discover the wonder of the desert the authentic way with a camel trek safari across the horizon. For visitors who seek a touch of spiritual splendour this is the best way to experience life the traditional Bedouin way. Watch the colours of the sand shift and change before stopping at your divine Bedouin camp. Immerse yourself in the wonder of traditional song and dance, henna painting and even bread making before watching the stars flood the sky above the soft lit glow of the old world lamps. This exceptional sojourn will show you a breath taking and humble side of Dubai that is sure to align body and soul.

Dinner Safari for a touch of romance

Dinner Desert Safari

Dine beneath the stars in the lavish surroundings of a royal retreat of the Dubai desert. The dinner safari blends natural beauty with sheer romance and a touch of lavish luxury. Your private Mercedes G-Wagon will take you into the calming oasis of the desert where you can seek exotic wildlife hidden in the dunes. As the sun drops a note or two head to the stunning surroundings of your dinner retreat. Plump cushions, silk carpets and the burnt orange and reds of the bonfire spark the romance in your soul. Linger lovingly over blue swimmer crab caviar, kale slaw and tea smoked lamb as you indulge in exceptional dishes perfectly paired to your palate in this epic romantic tale beneath the velvet sky.

Wildlife Desert Safari Tour for family fun

Wildlife Desert Safari

Blend native history with Mother Nature in an exciting wildlife safari tour in the heart of Dubai. The whole family can revel in this beautiful bespoke experience that truly allows you to truly feel the wonder of the desert. Climb aboard the perfectly preserved vintage Land Rover and head to the shimmering horizon to seek exotic wildlife, mesmerizing flora and rich fauna of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Listen to tales of myth and magic from a local Bedouin and trek across the sands with a traditional camel ride through the shifting dunes. Stop by the royal desert retreat for a delectable breakfast and learn the secrets of old world cooking. The wildlife desert safari tours is a fascinating blend of cultural heritage peppered with first class shades of nature.

Midnight Desert Safari for stargazing

Overnight Desert Safari

The secretive aura of the desert at night is one to inspire and delight. As the blazing sun swoops low and the stars start to glitter, you can silently glide across the cool sand floor in the comfort of your own private vintage Land Rover. Glimpse the nocturnal animals on their nightly prowls with the use of high class night vision binoculars, soak up the silence and the splendour of the moon like surface and watch a million stars revive in the midnight sky. After an exciting drive you can rest and unwind with a shisha pipe in the lavish luxury of the royal desert retreat.

Dune Bashing Desert Safari for adrenaline junkies

Dubai Dune Bashing

Experience a white knuckle ride through the blazing gold’s of the desert. No adventure can compare to climbing and falling over the soft sand dunes in a high powered vehicle. Seeing the pleasure playground of the desert stretch out before you will start the tingling in your bones as you embark on one of the most unique rides of your life with a dune bashing adventure. However, dune bashing in Dubai still remains a quite dangerous activity. Dune bashing is an adventure sport and suitable only for those tourists who can accept the possibility that accidents do happen. We do not recommend this type of desert safari as a family attraction.