Professional Help Required in Setting Up an Offshore Business Venture in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the land of dreams and every entrepreneur thinks of setting up a company in this investment friendly and ‘Trade Free Zone’ which attracts millions of dollars of investment every year from foreign players. And why not, as this destination in the Middle East has some of the most business friendly and investment friendly policies which attract global investors from far and wide, especially from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, India and China who look for earning the best returns by paying little or NO taxes. The RAK trade free zone in UAE is ranked among the top places to invest as doing business here is ‘TAX FREE’ and investors or companies can save a lot on the tax front. This is somewhat a Tax Haven for all those companies / entities who think of earning big in a relatively short period. It is always advised to look for the services of a professional business set-up consultant who can help you with all the formalities and legalities involved in setting up a company in an overseas land and earn the biggest returns by paying very little.

RAK Free Trade Zone

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has been rated as the most sought after global investment destination along with Hong Kong, Seychelles and Mauritius as it attracts Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) all the year round. Therefore, companies are flocking to UAE, especially to Dubai and RAK due to the liberal trade and tax regime in the entire Middle East and in the Gulf region. It is exactly here when you require the professional and mature services of an acclaimed overseas company formation consultant who has the best idea, knowledge, know-how and ability in helping small to mid-size enterprises open up a shop in a foreign land with limited resources. These specialist business consultants with their team of expert UAE companies formation experts provide the best technical assistance to all enterprises in the form of legal assistance through reputed attorneys, banking advice and tax consultancy services of a professional nature. Therefore, if you are looking for a favourable tax regime, Dubai is the place to be as it has some of the most investment friendly policies, the world over.

The RAK Free Trade Zone is among the happening places to do business, thanks to its favourable business policies and tax regimes which has attracted thousands of companies from all over the globe to this particular destination. Highly professional and certified consultants like “Dubai-Offshore” with their experienced banking and legal experts can help all you entrepreneurs with UAE company formation and the entire process is smooth and seamless with no bottlenecks and hiccups. Since UAE is an open economy, investors are coming in numbers to this particular destination and one can sense the confidence among investors who are looking to earn big here. Therefore, team up with one such reputed overseas business formation consultant and look ahead setting up your dream project with minimum paperwork along with the opening up of a RAK bank UAE account and start enjoying happy days ahead.

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