Improving UI Design through Better Typography

Web Design Dubai
Communication plays a very vital role web design Dubai. Whether you will design for websites, wearable UIs, or mobile apps, your creations must clearly communicate their purpose and intent. And because of the fact that text does a lot of job in the communication process, you should need a better understanding of the typography. 
Obviously, designing the user interface completely differs from designing a blog theme or an e-book. However, the principles of a type-centric design should still apply. Nevertheless, the on-screen communications occurs through words, and typography is the UI of the language.

Web Design Dubai
According to a web development company in Dubai, web design Dubai should be 95% typography, and optimizing typography would only mean optimizing the overall graphic balance including the usability, accessibility, and readability. In other words, better typography would also mean better UI design.
4 Tips on Setting Type in UIs
Typography is present in order to honor the content. Every UI includes a set of choices that the user can possibly make. Your type should be able to support your decision-making process, honoring content in ways that never adds to user’s cognitive load. A great typography can draw the reader to content, not to the type itself.
1. Use a typeface that will work well in different sizes — Most of the UIs in web design Dubai requires text elements of different sizes (field labels, button copy, section headers, etc.) Use a typeface that will work well in different weights and sizes in order to maintain the usability and readability in every size.
2. Use a typeface with very distinguishable letterforms — Many of the typefaces make it very easy to confuse the same letterforms. The lowercase L’s and Uppercase I’s can look exactly identical. You need to set together; a lowercase N and R can look a lowercase M. So you need to clarify the things in web design Dubai for the users by using a typeface that can make an easy distinction between these kinds of letterforms.
3. Treat the texts as UIs — While the good web development company in Dubai treats text as content, the great Dubai web designing company treats text as UI. This is very true at the risk of sounding redundant when designing the UI. When the text represents functional elements, then it’s UI. The entire practices in designing UI apply to the typography. And if you’re not convinced, just consider the confusion you will experience when you used a door with a pull handle labeled as “push”.
4. Consider the kind of work to be done in web design Dubai — Ask yourself about the problems you are helping the users to solve. The answers to the problems should be able to dictate your entire UI decisions. Because of the fact that UI is focused on reading and mostly text-based, you need to select two different faces. Doing this will create a clear distinction between the UI elements and the content that you are meant to enjoy.

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