Letters to God — About Microsoft

Dear God,

Microsoft kills TRUST.

I pray somehow, sometime soon, someone intervenes and shuts the latest techno gadget down real soon. This one mucks with my cognitive functioning. You gave us organization skills for a reason, right?

Imagine I lay my keys on the counter. Someone comes along, thinking he knows my habits, moves them to a different spot, then leaves without a trace let alone a single apparent communication. A day or two passes, and you are ready to hop into your car and drive to town to deliver on a commitment.

Keys are gone.

I set my keys on the counter. I know I did. Where did they go? I even go so far as to yell at someone for miscommunication and misinterpretation as a tragic death unfolds right before my very own eyes!

I’ve lost my mind for sure this time …

Thanks, Microsoft. Coupled with PTSD, recording my habits when I get lots of spam-like email at a client site, sent critical email communications directly to the delete folder. I figured it out 3 weeks too late!

and there is NOTHING I can do but lose EVERYTHING! Isn’t it universal law!

Worse yet, think about the CHILDREN — organizational skills directly affect the ability to SOLVE problems. Talk about another generation lacking s set of much needed skills — CRITICAL thinking skills!

Time to build another VIDEO game — huh?!

The love of money …


Ms W

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