I want to become a DESIGNER! — when I grow up..

The moment I started walking, I grabbed a color pen and started painting (read drawing weird baby stuff!) on the walls of our house, in my brothers notebook, on my mom’s dupatta, on my dad’s shirt and all the other things which I could get my hands on!

And the day I started talking, I told everybody around me that I wanted to become an artist/designer when I grow up. Still 14 years later I ended up joining an engineering college. I am still figuring that one out!

In second year itself I realised that engineering is not what I want from my life. And thus began the journey of being a designer — leading me to the place where I truly belong. I am a Masters student in one of the best design schools in India — Srishti School of Art, Designing and Technology, Bangalore.

But even after an year at Srishti, today when I go to meetups, conferences, or in party full of designers and corporate people “I feel that I still want to become a designer when I grow up” There is so much to learn and so little time.

‘Designer’ — the word seems to be simple but I know the real value and weight of this word. The weight of the word has helped me to sit through nights to work on my projects.

Every time you meet new people, you will find them using jargon's or some heavy terminology. And every time you will feel — “I need to learn more”

So in my opinion nobody ever becomes a perfect designer, we keep evolving though.

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