The Biggest Hits: Cannabis Wine, Federal Grants, and a Whole Lotta Money

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At düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.

Studying the Effects of Cannabis on People with HIV and Opioid Epidemic

The National Institute on Drug Abuse awarded a $3.2 million grant to University of Florida Health’s Dr. Robert Cook and his team to study the health effects of cannabis on individuals with HIV. They will also examine its potential as an alternative to addictive opioids. 400 persons living with HIV will participate in the study, set to begin in January. Click here for the full interview with Dr. Cook from Elevate NV.

Florida has the 3rd largest population of HIV positive residents in the nation, and that population now has the ability to be prescribed medical cannabis. While many patients have to rely on anecdotal recommendations on strains and dosages, it is great news that a formal study is in motion to provide verifiable information to patients and doctors. This study, which took 2 years to get approved, is still one of few federal grants awarded to cannabis research. Hopefully, this is a sign of changing times!

Cannabis-infused, Alcohol-free, WINE

Yep, you heard us right! If you’re 21+ and live in California, you can even order it RIGHT NOW — keep in mind it won’t ship until Jan. once this whole legalization thing is in effect. This ‘wine’ is a first in the world of seemingly endless edible, topical, and other non-traditional cannabis products and comes from a legit award-winning California Winery called Rebel Coast.

To be clear, we have no affiliation with Rebel Coast (although if you’re reading this guys, we’d love to work with you!) we just think this is a really interesting innovation, and can’t wait to see this product pop up at all the dispensaries we work with. In just a few months, you’ll be able to use to find and order their “2017 Marijuana-Infused Sauvignon Blanc” from a dispensary near you. Get the full scoop in their press release here.

High Activity in Cannabis Investment 2017, Especially in Canada!

$2.696 BILLION US dollars have been raised globally in 2017 by cannabis-related businesses, according to Viridian’s Capital Advisors’ Cannabis Deal Tracker. 366 fundraising deals make-up this huge number. In addition to this, there were 143 mergers & acquisitions, including public and private deals.

Over half of the money ($1.57 billion) was raised by canadian ventures. In fact, düber was one of these companies — in September we announced a $50 million dollar deal. The huge amount of mergers, acquisitions, and large investments can prove worrisome to small and medium businesses competing with these highly-funded companies… but among the consolidations and conglomerates are also companies like ourselves, whose end goal is actually to support other businesses in our industry, no matter how small.