The Biggest Hits: Clickbait, Craft Cannabis, and International Collaboration

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At düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.

International Cannabis Powerhouses Collaborate

The cannabis big leagues are getting even bigger as three of the world’s cannabis powerhouses announce a collaboration: Ontario-based Canopy Growth, of which Constellation Brands recently acquired a 9.9% stake, will partner with Colorado-based Organa Brands and Netherlands-based Green House. The latter is known for their popular cannabis clubs, award-winning strains, and documentaries. The first project in this joint venture is a 20,000 square foot growing operation in Creemore, Ontario, as well as some cross-pollination of brands.

International collaboration such as this is yet another sign that the cannabis industry is maturing, not just in North America but all around the world! We are excited to see the continued globalization of the legal cannabis industry, and believe that the international dübercoin could be a crucial tool.

Craft-Cannabis for Canada

The cannabis playing field in Canada is quite tough, and as the first story exemplifies, is getting even tougher with consolidations and partnerships amongst the biggest players. The good news is that government is taking notice. In an effort to encourage competition, they will issue “micro” licenses to smaller cultivators. The expansion to the current system is yet to be exactly defined, but presumably will lower the barriers to entry for smaller operations via lower fees and less exhaustive application processes. These developments are timely, as Canada’s legalization effort continues full steam ahead, passing the House and moving to the Senate.

There is essentially an infinite number of cannabis strains. A diverse and competitive landscape is important in any industry, but especially one with such a diverse possibility of products, use cases, and users. We applaud governments recognizing red flags early on, and hope that they find appropriate solutions. While their efforts make it easier to enter the market, at düber we offer superior technology to small and medium-sized canna-businesses to help them compete with large corporations.

Cannabis overdose a misinterpretation

Source: High times

“We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,” said Thomas Nappe, an author of the report that caused a tirade of headlines alleging marijuana claimed its first reported victim. In fact, the report recommended studying the relationship between cannabis and the myocarditis which caused the 11-month old boy’s death in Denver, but in no way implied cause-and-effect between cannabis and the sad passing away of the child.

Foremost, we sympathise with the parents for their terrible loss. As believers in all the good that cannabis can do, we are relieved that the hysterical headlines weren’t accurate. Nowadays, with publishers and policy makers concerned more about traffic than due diligence, we have to do our own. Having accurate information is essential to making good choices. We’re doing our part by building a system where consumers will get product information and lab results straight from the source, verifiable product reviews from other consumers, and all this done over the blockchain for absolute transparency and security. Want to hear all about it? Pour yourself a cup of coffee and give our dübercoin token sale whitepaper a read.