Biggest Hits: East Coast Progress, Blockchain for Cannabis, and IoT for Cultivation

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At düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.

The East Coast West Coast Rivalry Continues With Cannabis

For a long time, the charge to legalize medical and recreational cannabis came from west coast heavyweights like California and Washington. Now, the east is catching up.
  • The entirety of New England now allows medical use to some extent, and two states, Maine and Massachusetts, have recreational laws in preparation.
  • Recently there’s even more good news in this region. In New York, a bill was signed that allows medical cannabis to be prescribed for those suffering from PTSD, while support for recreational legalization is gaining steam.
  • In New Jersey, the prospects for recreational legalization in 2018 are looking quite good, as newly elected Governor Phil Murphy has pledged to legalize adult-use within 100 days of taking office in Jan.
  • In New Hampshire, legislators rejected the most recent legalization bill. However, with decriminalization in effect since September, and medical cannabis laws in place since 2013, we won’t be surprised if they go for adult-use legalization soon.
  • Lastly, registration for Pennsylvania’s Medical Cannabis program began this month, with nearly 4,000 patients signing up the first week.

It seems like a new piece of cannabis-friendly legislation is drafted somewhere in the US every day, and it won’t be too long until every state has given in to the green. State legalization is a great first step, but cannapreneurs still have a lot of obstacles due to stagnant federal laws and the overall nascent nature of the industry. That’s why düber has been crafting the cannabis-tech the industry needs to scale and succeed.

Blockchain for the Cannabis Industry? What a crazy idea!

British Columbia recently shared a document prepared by IBM which outlines the case for using blockchain technology to track cannabis distribution from seed-to-sale. This recommendation comes as Canada prepares for nationwide legalization, which is planned for July 2018.

As you know, we strongly believe in the power of blockchain technology and its ability to vastly improve the cannabis industry, and we applaud IBM in coming to the same conclusion. However, we’re willing to say that our plans for the düber ecosystem and dübercoin are more ambitious and developed, taking full advantage of the capabilities of blockchain. IBM’s recommendation focuses on creating value for three groups: the government, cannabis producers, and retailers. But what about the most important piece of the puzzle — the consumers? Furthermore, IBM highlights the power of information sharing that blockchain technology enables, but does not propose solutions on how this information would actually be gathered. When it comes to qualitative data and customer feedback mechanisms, their proposition is lacking.

Enter the suite of düber software solutions. Instead of focusing on the government’s problems (of course our tools plug into state-mandated seed-to-sale systems), we focus on ALL of the industry players, from growers to labs to processors, retailers, and of course consumers.

Cannabis and the Internet of Things

As the physical and digital world become more and more interconnected, many recognize that IoT (the Internet of Things) is driving the next industrial revolution. IoT is defined by wikipedia as “The network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data”.

The regulated cannabis industry is going through a revolution of its own, but surely that doesn’t mean it will lag behind in innovating. Urban-Gro is launching Soleil Technologies, the first IoT solution for cannabis cultivators. Their suite of technologies spans the entire cultivation lifecycle and logistics ecosystem.

Urban-Gro’s technology aims to automate and optimize many aspects of cannabis cultivation and data collection. We believe this kind of technology to be extremely beneficial and necessary for the industry, and to be a perfect complement to the work düber is doing to solve issues such as supply chain, information sharing between participants, and payment issues. We applaud the work Urban-Gro is doing for our industry and are excited to see what comes next!