Neo4J vs OrientDB

There has always been a debate on which is the best graph technology in the market as of now. Neo4J has been leading the show for the past 10 years but even now their technology has not shown the growth and market presence that they should have and hence we see that there is a market shift towards OrientDB, which has evolved to be more mature technologically and is also pocket friendly.

There have been several rumours about the initial releases of OrientDB especially the releases before version 2.0.x. And the same rumours are spread about the stability and features of the current versions of OrientDB. Which doesn’t hold ground if you test the latest editions. OrientDB has evolved as a company and as a technology keeping in mind market demands. The market is slowly moving towards a multi-model database like OrientDB, which has the heart of a graph store and soul of a document store, the perfect mix for the modern day applications.

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