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My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

My new game was called “Rhyme and Relate”. In this game, anybody can start by saying any word. After saying this word, they point at someone else in the circle. This person then has to say a word that rhymes with the previous word, and then a word that relates to the rhyme. In theory, this game is supposed to be pretty fast paced. The game started off slow, but then people got more comfortable and said the first thing on their mind. (Note: the picture here would be practically identical to the first because the game is solely verbal)

Session Organization


Tony — one of my roommates and friends since high school, Tony is a civil engineer. Even though we’ve known each other for a long time, we still have different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions.

Donnie — Another roommate of mine, but I have never lived with him before this year. Donnie is studying mathematics and went to high school in southwest Minneapolis.

Kelsey — a friend of another roommate, Kelsey studied in Duluth and now works in Minneapolis. She is a few years older than my roommates and I.

Kalli — Tony’s girlfriend, Kalli went to school at Carleton and now attends graduate school at the University of Minnesota. Kalli is also a few years older than us.


I used the round poker table in my living room as the main setting for the brainstorming session. I let everyone grab some food they wanted and also provided a bag of Snicker for snacks, free for anybody to grab.


  • The brainstorming session lasted 30 minutes in total
  • We warmed up with “Wah”, Word Ball, “Look at me…”, and “Rhyme and Relate” (my created game)
  • There were 36 ideas generated in total
  • To vote, I had everyone put a star on the ideas they thought were the most interesting to them. Each person was given 3 votes total to spread across the ideas. A few ideas stood out as the most interesting with 2 or 3 votes each.

Sorting and Voting

Category Titles

  • Easy/Cylinder Packaging
  • Edible Play Snacks
  • Candy Toys
  • Worst Possible General Ideas
  • Playful Packaging
  • Worst Possible Healthy Ideas
  • Healthy Snacks

1st Session Top Ideas

How Might We…

Problem Statement — Kirsten needs a snack that is absorbing and fun to eat because kids don’t finish their snacks if they lose interest in them.

HMW Statement — How might we create a snack that is fun to eat and does not get boring?

My HMW Ideas

Session Results

I had to use less people for this session, as some of the original group members were busy. The people used from the first group were Donnie, Kelsey, and myself. Greg was a new addition — he is an economics major and is the same age as myself.

2nd Session Top Ideas