A delusion of the horizon

Ages old culture says, listen to what nature always has to say. Perhaps what nature has to say has always been visible just not very clearly understood. The narrative below expresses what if these elements had a voice.

“There is a reason people see only the horizon”, said the plush green land.
“Maybe they get intrigued by beauty or else why would they overpass truth?”
Asked the clear blue sky as the sunlit cloud drifted.
“Which truth are you two talking about?” Questioned curious sun.

“Horizon is an illusion of two very different souls appearing to meet, Reality is we always have been two ends, If only they can clear the fog of beauty they would perhaps witness the truth of illusion.”
Softly spoke the lands cuddling with the wind.
“Riddles are your favorite, as always you can find tricks to teach them”, said the sun.

“They are so trapped in the illusion they never understand, you see, these winds, water, and the moon have always tried to bring us together. But do you know what these naive humans call their efforts?”
asked the sky.
The sun looks puzzled and land smiled.
“Natural calamities”, said sky.

“These humans never understand two souls who are different can only appear to meet, they get trapped by the beauty of the horizon even in their lives. Look at us we love staying apart and we are peaceful.”, said land.

“They never had the audacity of accepting the fact of different desires, motives, ideologies. They first try changing the surrounding, then they try to change each other, also they change for each other. In the process, they lose so many parts of themselves and realize everything is irreversible. So they settle with the beauty of horizon.”
said the sky.

“What do you think causes the suffering and pain in their lives?” asked the land.
“I suppose, their meekness to acceptance causes emotional calamities”, concluded the sun.

All three smiled and clouds started walking covering the blue sky, While the lands cuddled winds.