Draupadi, a flower amidst the thorns of misfortunes

Draupadi or Panchali, wife of the Pandavas, daughter of king dhrupad, friend and devotee of Krishna and root cause for starting a war.

Long before the word feminism could be understood her life’s story has defined it.

It is women’s day today and I want to tell how this character has inspired me.

She was born from the fire with all possible curses her father could think of in anger at that moment. But she won her father’s heart. Proved a worthy daughter. She taught, “Patriarchy, misogyny cannot chain you unless you let it become your shackles.”

She was then married off but her misfortune did not stop chasing. She had to go through awful polygamy rituals. She was blamed, labeled and insulted many times. She taught, “Life will not be fair, and just because you feel you had enough. You will not be spared. Learn to rise above the labels.”

Despite being in a court of men whom she respected, she loved and adored. She was molested none could save her. She taught, “Stop expecting to be saved, sometimes you have to be your own savior. Never give up on what is right.”

She had her own flaws, she had her regrets but still, she ought to do what was right. She had to give up so many people she loved to teach a lesson to the people who did wrong. She taught, “Sacrifices, are regretful in nature but you have to decide which regrets would make you more happy than sad. Never step back from voicing your opinions.”

She still remains a story of shakti or at times part of our jokes on how women can start a destructive war. But she has been a woman of inspiration and she was a flower who bloomed in thorns of misfortune.