I found a Bookshelf

I read Walden all day and was overcome with inspiration and love. I had to experience a tree. I got an axe and ran to my car.

A tree was calling out to me. It was all alone, it was dignified, noble, towards old age but not afraid.

I approached it and started chopping. I grew tired as the tree began to sag away from me. Slowly the tree lowered, became more fragile and I grew tired. As it was close to breaking, I noticed at the end of the cut, was a smooth piece of material sticking out.

I felt really special from this and threw myself into the mystery. What was this mysterious shape and why is it here? I began to shave away the excess wood being careful not to cut into the smooth parts. Not only was it smoothly sanded, but it was oiled. This had to be a miracle of some sort, or something malicious.

I got the bookshelf out after the forth day. It is 5 panels of butternut wood, each attached with finger joints to form the shelf.

Now I do not know who the hell is playing a trick on me, but this is the most elaborate “prank” I have ever seen and I want it to stop. I am freaked out, I have no idea how you did this, or why you would do it to be but if you don’t back off I will contact the police.

Also I am keeping the shelf. I hung it on my wall and put little bottles on it. They fell and cracked my computer so now I have books on it. Walden is not on the shelf, I did not like that one, he complained the entire time.

The truth is that I made this shelf and gave it to my brother. Those are his Seinfeld DVDs up there. Thank you Brian for allowing me to take pictures of your glorious shelf.