Update 2020–11–24

Twitch have finally just released support for standard TOTP apps.

Unfortunately you still have to use Authy SMS first before it lets you enable it, so there are no recovery codes and SMS remains your insecure backup.

Also another 2FA fail while I’m at it: there is no option to view the TOTP secret directly, just a QR code, so useless on desktop.

Original Article

After the horror of PayPal 2FA has finally been resolved, I’ve just discovered one even worse: Twitch.

You would think that being owned by Amazon (who does 2FA properly), they’d have it under control, but apparently not…

Update 2019–04–19

PayPal has finally got with the times and now supports normal 2FA, no more tricks required! Check out https://benbrian.net/authenticator-app-support-in-paypal-finally/ for how to set it up. I highly recommend doing it that way instead of my old way here. I can confirm it even works with the mobile apps.

If you need a new service to hate on for messing up 2FA, how about Sentry?

Original Article (avoid!)

You’d be forgiven for thinking PayPal didn’t support 2FA, let alone TOTP, as they make it difficult to find and set up.

First, log in to PayPal normally. Then, go to https://www.paypal.com/webscr?cmd=_setup-security-key

There’s lots of partial/out-of-date info on this so I thought I’d post what actually worked for me.

Configure terminfo

Create xterm-256color-italic.terminfo:

xterm-256color-italic|xterm with 256 colors and italic,
sitm=\E[3m, ritm=\E[23m,

And tmux-256color.terminfo:

tmux-256color|tmux with 256 colors,
ritm=\E[23m, rmso=\E[27m, sitm=\E[3m, smso=\E[7m, Ms@,
khome=\E[1~, kend=\E[4~,
use=xterm-256color, use=screen-256color,

That third line is necessary to make home and end keys work inside tmux.

Then to install them, run:

$ tic -x xterm-256color-italic.terminfo
$ tic -x tmux-256color.terminfo

Configure iTerm

Go to Preferences > Profiles > Default.

Make sure Text > Italic text allowed is checked.

Set Terminal > Report Terminal Type to xterm-256color-italic.

This essentially sets the value of…

I only recently found out this was possible thanks to a comment on Reddit leading me to /r/vfio and a few interesting videos from Level1Linux whose tech news podcast I follow.

I’m going to focus more on practical tips not covered in a lot of guides I’ve seen, since the basic technical setup is covered very well elsewhere.

TL;DR? Here’s my win10.xml for reference (which you’re probably going to get very familiar with), or skip to the end to check out my results.



It seems like the majority of modern CPUs support IOMMU nowadays. The biggest exception is some of…

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