Women’s discrimination through history

The women`s discrimination is something that is passing now and it comes from the past. it is said that the woman was seen as unable to work and for that the men work and the women stay in their house taking care of the childrens.

On the one hand there are people who said that the discrimination to the women is not a mistake because the women do not have the force to work in a factory, it is believed that is good to discriminate the women only because the women have more qualities to take care of the childrens.


On the other hand it is said that the women discrimination is the worst “division” that was been create because in a lot of cases the women have more abilities and knowledge about the work and in a big part of the human history this abilities were wasted.


In my opinion the women discrimination is not correct because all the people be it a men or a women have the same opportunities to work because all of the people have abilities.

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