Margaret Atwood, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Roxane Gay, Deepak Chopra, Ellen Pao, Jonathan Safran Foer, and dozens of other influential voices reflect on the words that defined the year

If there were ever a year that’ll take a long time to process, it’s 2017. (Probably because we spent most of it processing 2016.) With laws, leadership, and social norms changing at a pace so relentless our data plans can scarcely keep up, our mental energy is spent skimming endless push notifications, rather than taking the time to step back and think about what it all means.

From AI to cryptocurrency, #MeToo to #VegasStrong, and tax reform to net neutrality, millions of readers turned to Medium this year to read beyond the headlines, make sense of the senseless, and draw inspiration from fresh voices. Likewise, storytellers turned to Medium to share their experiences and expertise, writing with the kind of depth, nuance, and context that has the power to change — or at least open — minds. …

A new way to celebrate visionary writers, handpicked by Medium Staff

The best part of working at Medium is witnessing the amazing stories that writers tell using our platform. We provide the canvas and every day, creators infuse it with their expertise, emotion, passion, and point of view.

There’s nothing quite like discovering a great new writer. The strongest voices on Medium captivate and inform us. Their style is as unique as their perspective on the world. With them, we laugh, tear up, take action, finally understand something, and sometimes question everything. And above all, they aren’t afraid to take a stand for what they believe in.

The magic of Medium is more than browsing top stories; it’s about following the ideas of these powerful voices over time and building a connection with them. So we want to help our millions of readers around the world unlock that magic. That’s why, today, we’re introducing Noteworthy. …

A selection of movies, performances, ads, podcasts, and apps from this year that will stick with me

From many perspectives, 2016 is a year to forget; it’s not worth enumerating the Things That Went Wrong. Yet, I don’t want to lose the memory of the creativity and content that helped me cope with the ups and downs. So many ideas were put into the world this year that inspired me. So — for my personal record keeping — here’s a list of the movies, shows, podcasts, moments, apps, and ads from 2016 that I hope will stick with me for years.

TV Shows

Insecure (Season 1)

I tore through the far-too-short first season of Insecure and have been recalling storylines and quips from it ever since. Felt so different from anything else on TV in such an exciting way — obviously Issa Rae was incredible, but Yvonne Orji’s Molly is the character that I couldn’t get enough of. …

My hopes for the rest of the season, three episodes in

Admittedly, I’ve found myself asking Westworld to accomplish an unfair amount from the beginning. From the coveted Sunday night timeslot, to the caliber of talent involved, to HBO’s robust marketing campaign (I was served a Facebook Canvas experience before the first episode), the show hasn’t been allowed to have time to gradually find its voice and audience. I’ve found myself “forcing it” a bit every Sunday night when I watch, wanting so badly to feel obsessed with the show, but always a bit aware of creeping boredom.

That said: there’s so much to admire. It’s a smart, ambitious show based on a (somewhat) original concept, featuring a diverse, impressive cast. And it’s good! The production quality is fantastic, Evan Rachel Wood anchors the show brilliantly (have missed having something to watch her in since the end of Mildred Pierce), and the plot explores meaty, interesting issues. The show definitely draws you in; it feels analogous to the first episodes of The Leftovers, where you can’t quite imagine how this concept can spawn a full series, but you know you’re in such good hands that you’re happy to go along for the ride. …

Over the past few years, reading stories on Medium has increased my empathy, evolved strongly held opinions after hearing a new viewpoint, helped me understand myself better, and made me smarter. There’s no richer platform for ideas, tapping into a community of unique voices conversing thoughtfully.

I couldn’t be more excited to start working for Medium today to help the power of the platform reach more people across the world. …


Sam Duboff

head of creator product marketing at spotify; former head of marketing at medium

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