day 5

Today at Pratt not much went on. I am going to give you an overview of a typical day that I experience with them.

When I first arrived, like always, the kindergartners were getting breakfast and they bring it back to the room in a little cardboard try. Usually breakfast consists of an egg sandwich, some strawberry applesauce and milk or orange juice. Most kids can not get the plastic baggies open that the food is in, so Ms. Carlson and I help them open things for about the 1st 10 minutes. Then the kids eat and once they are finished they are to clean up their spot and dispose of their food and wrappers and then find a book to read on the carpet or do their morning work. Their morning work is usually a handwriting exercise worksheet or a small coloring piece. When they are done with that they are to place their finished items in the turn in basket at the back of the room. Next on their agenda is Morning Meeting.

1st they read the daily message that Ms. Carlson has written on the board. The messages usually says “Good morning kindergardeners. Today is October 27th, 2015. Today our special class will be music (or gym or art) and this afternoon we will do ST Math (or some other special subject). Only 3 more days till Halloween! Let’s make today a terrific Tuesday! Love, Ms. Carlson.”

After the board message they usually take a look at the schedule on the right side of the board that is a list of everything they will do today.

Next they read a book that relates to the topic of their week. This week was about pumpkins and fall/halloween activities.

Today they read the book The Hungry Caterpillar because they were going to be tested on their memory of the content of this book just after this. They broke off into small groups and one group at a time was called up to Ms. Carlson’s group meeting table. They were asked questions about the setting of the book, the style, the authors name and ect. While one group was doing that, the rest of the class was working on writing the letters of the day, I and J. They had a writing worksheet and part of it consisted of matching the 1st letter and the picture to the correct thing.

After everyone was done testing for the day they read their weekly poem. This weeks was about monsters. 5 kids got to come up to the front and read the poem out loud to the class. They thought that was pretty cool!

After this they learned new sight words (common words that go on their word wall). Today the words were The, See, and Like. They then got a worksheet that had these words and coloring certain things the color that these sight words matched.

Then it was time for recress…….. FINALLY. This was only a 2 hour time spand. As you can see, kindergardeners don’t have much patience or an attention span so a lot occurs in a very short amount of time!