5 great ways to Make Money from your Fashion Blog

Most of the women when starting fashion blog don’t even think of making money with it. Reasons for getting into fashion blogging can be various — some want to inspire people and share their looks, others want to share their take on fashion and their styling ideas, there are also those that want to create some kind of fashion diary, to create space where they can feel relaxed and be themselves.

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Even though you can start and manage your blog for free, blogging is not really free. We are not talking about hosting, buying domain etc. We are talking about content. Not literally paying for content, but in order to create interesting, compelling and always fresh content you will need to invest your money in clothing and accessories, and later to stay in the competition you will need nice camera, and the most important thing you will need to invest since the very beginning is your time. And time is money!

To cover all the expenses you have to consider monetization of your blog. There are many different ways you can make money blogging, and at some point of time you can even turn your hobby to a full-time job. Being full-time fashion blogger sounds compelling, doesn’t it?

This article will cover 5 different ways you can make money from your fashion blog, so keep reading!

1. Working with brands

This is one of the hardest ways to make money. The main obstacle in working with brands is that you already have to have established audience. Because of that this is not the way to monetize your blog from start, this is something that comes later.

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Brands are looking for blogs that have established and engaged audience. In order to do that you need to grow your blog, large audience is of course better, but brands are not looking for it, they are looking for engagement. The more engaged your audience is the better chances you will have. Engagement means that your followers are interacting with you, liking your posts, leaving comments… But really important thing for brands is that you are interacting with your followers too.

After you have grown your blog you will need media kit. It should contain all the information brands might be interested in, such as your blog’s topics, statistics, collaboration options…

After that you will need to make a list of brands you would like to work with and contact them. Finding the contact info can be tricky, you need to find the correct person to address to. And you also have really to think of how you will create your initial email. Keep it short and to the point, but also make it descriptive and interesting.

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2. Selling styling services

This is also something that comes later. In order to give styling advices you will need to have audience that want them. So you will need engaged audience that likes your style. But also really important thing is developing a unique style. If you are like everybody else then what makes you different, why would someone seek your advice when there are many other people with same take on fashion like yours?

So before start selling your services you need to become fashion influencer. Start by building your blog thoughtfully, think twice before you publish anything. You are trying to brand yourself, so always have the big picture in your mind.

Take care of your audience, interact with them, build relationships, and create the image in their minds that you are caring person that they can count on.

3. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are great way to monetize your blog from the very beginning, at least most of them. There are many different affiliate programs you can apply for, but in this article we will cover main three.

· Shopstyle

is affiliate program on PPC (pay per click) basis. Every time someone clicks on the link you get paid for it. But nobody knows how much any click will generate. Applying for Shopstyle is really easy, once you fill in all the information you can start using it, you don’t have to wait for approval. Threshold is $100, which means once you earn that amount you will get paid. Getting to that $100 mark can take some time, and that is the downside of the majority of affiliate programs. Another Shopstyle’s downside is that you don’t know how many times each link got clicked, so you cannot tailor your links.

· LiveTrends

is a commission-based affiliate program, which means you will earn money once you make sale, once someone buys item via your link. Advantage of commission-based vs PPC is that you will earn more money. PPC will get you few cents per click, but with commission-based program you can earn some serous bucks from only one sale. Registration for LiveTrends is easy and fast, and you can start using it at once (no approval needed). That means you can monetize your blog even if it’s small. Threshold is lower than most of other programs, it is $50, which means you will get paid faster. Another thing that makes it different from the other programs is that you don’t get to choose products, they are chosen for you. LiveTrends will always show top selling products, which means you will increase your chance to make sale, because you will be always showing products that are people interested in, and that they are actually buying.

· Rewardstyle

is also a commission-based affiliate program. Commission rates vary depending on retailer, but you get all rates included with individual item listing, so you know exactly how much you will earn. Threshold is $100. Once you make sale, commission goes into an “open commission” category for the next 90 days, this is in order to see if the product will be returned. After 90 days if product is not returned commission goes to “closed commission” category, and that is when you earn money. Once you hit $100 mark you will get paid. Besides having to wait for 90 days to see if you will earn money or not, another downside to Rewardstyle is that you have to apply for the program and get approval. If your blog is small to medium it will be really hard to get approved.

4. Sell an e-book

In order to sell an e-book, first you will need to create one. Start by choosing your topic, it can be anything fashion related, styling advices, styling kit (outfit combinations for each day of week, you can even go for styling for work, styling for home staying mums…), or it can even be collection of your looks (like Kim Kardashian’s collection of selfies, before doing that make sure you have huge audience like she does).

Once you have created your e-book, you have to promote it, you have to let people know that they can get it. Start by promoting it on your blog and social media channels. You can even consider selling it via Amazon and Kindle.

5. Sponsored posts

These are the posts that you get paid for creating and publishing. Brands will pay you in money or in goods for post on your blog, Instagram, YouTube channel, Pinterest… But usually it’s combination of all these channels. This way you will collaborate with brands and promote them.

Make sure to include disclaimer in your post, so your audience knows it’s sponsored one. You don’t want to skip this step because once your audience starts thinking you are deceiving them, you will lose them. And it will be hard to recover from that.

Sponsored posts are also a way to make money later, once your blog and audience is established.

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Now it’s up to you to start making money from your fashion blog. Don’t choose only one way, try few and see what works for you. This article covered only five, but there are more. Feel free to explore. And share your experience with others.