In Romantic Relationships, You’re Either a Spark-Chaser or a Long Burner.
Sara Lynn Michener

WOW ……. Sara Lynn Michener …… You are terrific …… and I want to spell correctly every part of your name. Your name should be known all over the world.

I am an 82 year old man who lost his forever lover several years ago. A few seconds ago I had the word …. forever … in quotes … but I changed it to a real word, no quotes. I won’t go on … but would like to go on … but will not … there is not enough time or space.

I am an artist who’s real lover is art … I found another who shared this same drive. I lost her several years ago. I love her now.

We collaborated in art. A no-word collaboration. No word was shared between us. It was, at first, just a word of intent and no other. A week or so latter a ceramic piece would be left at my door (we lived apart). I would take the piece and add to it, my intent, my love. This was not retail art. It was always a gift.

I will leave you now. Her name is Barbara Strong. My name is Norris (Bud) Evans. Our collabortion went as Gnorts and Snave. A secret.

Over the years I have managed to put together a few writtings. Nun important but just expressions of my love, and love lost. The latest is a web site. Please look at it: It’s my love of art and my love of Barbara.

I will now leave you. Thank you again for your outstanding words (I choose not to end this sentense with a period)